Phillip Malboeuf is available for freelance work.


Phillip Malboeuf is a freelance web developer based in Montreal. Yes, he'd love to hear about that crazy project of yours.


Frontend APIs Python React Backbone.js UX Research

Web Development / Founder

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Resources and a hub for freelancers in Montreal, as well as a benchmark for their rates and availabilities.

Web Development

Wise Men's Care

A Shopify store selling men's simple and natural hair products in reusable bottles.

Web Development / Founder

Easy Lover Club

A Shopify store selling funny shirts themed around the banality of love and relationships.

Web Development

Daniela Andrade's Shore EP

A Squarespace experiential page presenting Daniela's new EP with its video clips.

Web Development

June Swimwear

A Shopify store selling women's cheeky swimwear.

Web Development

Monthly Barber

A chain of barbershops, built on a custom CMS.

Web Development

Les Hotels Dauphin

A chain of hotels, built on a custom CMS.